Boondocking with TVA

I had the opportunity to finish out last week with some boondocking. What a great way to celebrate the Tradewind’s 10,000 mile mark. I’ve never done any serious boondocking. The Honda EU2000i had less than 20 hours on it. With my new fresh water tank and decent pressurization, water shouldn’t be a problem.

Tennessee Valley Authority public access properties on Nickajack Lake include Shellmound Campground which is very near the hospital I was covering. The primitive camping overflow has a large field on a hill descending to the banks of the lake just above Nickajack Dam. I’ve had my eye on this spot for over two years. Last Wednesday I pulled the Tradewind down to the lake to find I had the spot all to myself. Leveling the trailer was an adventure, but I was determined to get under some shade.
Good thing. In typical Tennessee Valley fashion I watched our brief spring turn into summer, literally overnight. The heady scent of black locust blooms and the delicate fragrance of wild roses mingle in the air. The sun already has a hot sting.
The view from my Airstream door is magnificent.
Ms. Lulu kept her eye on the bass fishermen off shore. The breeze off the lake is heavenly, especially with record-breaking 88-degree temps.
Even with the skeletal-like power towers of TVA in the distance, the sunsets are stunning.
With three fans, a light, and a little music on the Tivoli the Honda ran over 12 hours on a tank. The water supply held out just fine. Four days blew by way too fast. Procrastination was the word today when it came to leaving. Boondocking? I’m hooked! As long as the temps aren’t above 90.


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