Holding Water

Finally, the new stainless tank is in the Tradewind holding pressure and NO LEAKS. How could something so seemingly simple be so difficult? Plumbing 101; just connect and screw it in, right? Reworking the compressor was a bitch. One fitting was clogged from crud out of the old tank. This explains why it wouldn’t pressurize the last few months.

I got rid of the old copper flaring set up and used brass connectors with reinforced hose rated for 1200 psi. Also installed a new pressure switch. Pressure it up.

“What is that evil hiss?”

Break out the soap bubbles. Every connection leaked. Everything, even the fill neck and drain. Remember, this girl doesn’t have a vast knowledge base of these things like some of the rest of you. It’s trial and error for me, baby. I felt slightly less incompetent when my phone-a-friend had a small element of difficulty wrestling with the mess. With his help all is now operational. Here are my key take-away lessons from this process:

  • There is a right way and a wrong way to apply Teflon pipe tape.
  • A single thin layer of pipe tape is not enough!
  • Once everything is tightened, walk away. Then come back later and give it one more go.
The reworked hookup at the the front exterior of the Tradewind looks like a dog’s butt, but I don’t have time to be pretty right now. Got to get to the Cherry Blossom Rally! The Tradewind is nearly loaded and ready to go. I’ll stop by Trailer Buff on the way to spend a night in their drive way, then on to the CBR. Afterwards, I’ll come back and we’ll get to talk turkey about Elvis.

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