Under Pressure

It was this past Sunday, the Florida Can Opener is over and we had to head home. Rather disheartening to watch the outside temp drop from 57 to 31 on the way. No time to winterize the Tradewind that night so I set up the heaters. Tuesday I made it back to unpack the trailer and do the deed. All I’ve ever done is compressed air, pressure up the system repeatedly then open the supply line drains, toilet, and fixtures to let the water blow out until all is bone dry. That’s just how Wally said to do it in the original supplement sheets that came with the trailer – pressurize to 90 psi and blow it out.

I thought I’d be clever this time. I rigged my favorite accessory, a cable tie, to hold down the compressor hose lever so I didn’t have to stand there while the system reached pressure. It worked great. I had time during pressurizations to do some clean up inside the trailer. While doing my last pressurization (you know, one more just to be sure EVERYTHING is dry), there was another blow out of sorts. Suddenly I heard a high pitched PPPSSSSsssssssssssscchh coming from behind the gaucho. Then it got louder.

“Oh no, this can’t be good.”


I ripped off the gaucho cushions and pulled up the plywood to feel a rush of air wooshing at me from against the front wall. This is the original aluminum fresh water tank. No crud in my water and the tank has never had any problems ~ ‘til now. I suspect things weren’t as solid as I thought. So it goes when you own vintage. When the weather gets consistently above freezing, I’ll have to pull it out and take a look. I have a feeling a trip to the metal fabricators is in my future. Gotta get it done before the CBR.

Sure wish Elvis was ready about now.

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