I know it’s not Elvis, but it’s Elvis’ little Tradewind brother and I need to vent. Here it is in all it’s dysfunctional glory; my original freshwater tank exposed from it’s hiding behind the gaucho. I went in with optimism. I dismantled the gaucho with a problem. Good thing Airstream used the KISS principle back in the day. With metal stabilizing straps released and still remaining intact and reusable, I felt good.
Removing the compressor fittings, not a problem. But on examining the threaded joint between the tank and the filling neck it appears to welded, or at best glued around the threads. I couldn’t budge it. Surely I can at least I can remove the hose bib at the fill inlet. Maybe removing it would allow the filling neck to slide through the wall of the Airstream without removing it from the tank. Nope! Not happenin’.

I then focused on removing the drain coming from the belly pan. It will have to come out eventually. Rock solid, wouldn’t move.

I’m not the strongest, but I’m not a weakling either. I’m calling in reinforcements. . . as soon as he gets a day off work. Man, I hope we don’t break something that’s not already broken.

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