Recovery – Stage Three ~ Just When You Think You’re Ready To Go

Thursday, October 23. Day four. It’s morning in the church parking lot. The storm front had moved east and Elvis had fared well. We planned for only 300 miles travel a day hoping to stay behind the rain. I backed up to Elvis and hitched, set the sway control, set the bars – wait, why does this one act funny? OK, running light check. HEY! The running lights worked fine yesterday. What happened?


“Ma’am, you’re going to have to move that thing. You’re not allowed to park it here.”

A city official pulled along side. We made nice and proceeded to relocate in front of the seller’s home.

CLUNK ~ ka-ching clinkity clink. I jumped out of the truck to find a spring bar dragging on the pavement and it’s hitch clip broken.
OK, take a deep breath.


I unhitched and went to the auto store down the street for the temporary tow lights I’d scoped out the day before. Easy set up until I got to the truck. What was Nissan thinking? Why build something that’s advertised to tow 9100 lbs. and not install a 4 pin flat connector? It’s 7-pin round RV only, how STOO Pid!


Five stores and over 3 hours later I finally find a Pep Boys in Dallas that had the plug-and-play product that would give me BOTH trailer brakes AND my towing lights. It’s 3:00 PM. I’m half-hitched with only one spring bar and we’ve got to go.
Gingerly I pull forward, on out to the main road, on to I-20. So far, so good. Maybe the sway control is compensating. Cool. I am amazed at how well this is going. We arrived in Monroe, Louisiana well after dark but just missing the rain.

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