Recovery – Stage One ~ The Approach

Monday, October 20. Day one. The truck was loaded. The dog was crated in the cab. We pulled out and headed to the interstate. Not pushed for time, we stopped for the night in Jackson, Mississippi.

Day two. Mom will see the mighty Mississip’ for the first time ever. After a brief stop at the river’s welcome center we moved on. It was a pleasure to have some windshield time with Mom. Sometimes life get’s so involved that we don’t take time for important things like conversation with those we love most.

Suddenly she popped up with, “I don’t see why we can’t just stay in the trailer on the way home.” Trying not to laugh at her noble idea, I explained what sitting unused for 8 years could do to a vintage Airstream. Louisiana rolled by in no time flat and we arrived in Dallas mid-afternoon.

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