Recovery – Stage Four ~ The Last Legs

Friday, October 23. Day five. It turns out that a late start Thursday wasn’t a bad thing. The sun is out. But as we travel it’s evident by wet roads and fresh puddles that we are following the back edge of the storm front. It’s even visible on the horizon yet we are dry. The recent huge drop in fuel prices is also in our favor. Another 300 miles and we stop in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for the night.

All things really do work together for good.

Saturday, October 24. Day six. Another beautiful day. Mile markers are flying by. I’m totally impressed how smoothly Elvis tracks behind the Titan like it’s on rails. No sway, so problems. Even with only one spring bar this is easier than pulling the Tradewind. With Lookout Mountain looming over us we were almost home.

Mom lets me keep the Airstreams at her place. A great satisfaction came over me as I pulled into the drive. Backing a tandem axle trailer seems much easier than a single. Nice! Elvis slid right into his spot while the Tradewind looked on. I’m exhausted. Life is good!