Getting Ready for Texas

Both August and September plans to get the trailer fell through. Best laid plans, what can I say. October was next up. Jimmie, a good friend who is an electrician and a welder, was begging to come along. Great, someone that can wire tow lights and fix the frame if need be. Can’t get much better than this!

While listening to the “Bringing it Home” episode again on the Vintage Airstream Podcast, I made my list. Rope, new tires and wheels, aluminum tape, plastic sheeting, hydraulic jack, ladders, carpet scraps, rivets and gun, 2 x 10 planks, safety chain, power cords, a full size air compressor, pneumatic impactor wrench, two way radios, cordless drill, bits, drivers, the Tradewind’s towing equipment (just in case it fit), a tool box loaded for bear, and yeah, those cable ties might come in handy. Then Jimmie phoned. “Hey sis, I got promoted. I got meetings all next week. Can’t go to Dallas with ‘ya. I’m bummed.”

Yeah . . . so am I.

My sweet little ‘ol Mom, who preemptively worries about the “what ifs”, couldn’t bear the thought of my traveling alone to haul back such a monstrosity. What if something bad happened? So she packed her bags to ride shotgun. Meanwhile, I checked my resources and developed a few backup plans just in case I ran into something I couldn’t handle alone. The seller verified all the necessary paperwork was in order. Everything was a go.