“Why would you name your trailer Elvis? Now you’ll have to decorate with some Elvis’y jungle theme or something.”

I’m getting used to reactions like this. I’m not one to give names to my possessions. Nor am I an Elvis fanatic. The expression might be unique to my locality or maybe just where I work (“Bad blunt chest trauma and he’s got a widening mediastinum as big as Elvis”), but from my standpoint this trailer really is that big. Few of the oldest vintage Airstream giants have been found. Then I started to discover coincidentals, little connections that seemed to beg, “My name is Elvis.”

The coach was built in 1956. It was 1956 when Elvis suddenly evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. Landmark television appearances, record productions, and his first movie “Love me Tender” marked that time. By December he had international fame. Lots of fortune came Elvis’ way in 1956. A quick web search brings testament to the fact. Here’s just one site.

My Daddy liked Elvis. Having come up from hard times himself, Dad had a lot of admiration for a poor boy from Tupelo who made good. When young he traveled on Harley’s, dressed sharp when he could, liked dirt-track racing, was known to hop freight trains, and never met a stranger. Daddy would have loved Airstreaming and would have been right there along side me in Texas packing bearings and changing tires.

This 30 footer was known as Airstream’s Sovereign of the Road. A Sovereign, hmmm. Isn’t that a ruler, a monarch, as in a king? As in The King? ‘Nuff said.

Like ships, Airstreams are more often bestowed with feminine names. Even though the seller referred to the coach as “the old girl” and she served them well, it may have been a case of mistaken identity. This big hunky Airstream has all attributes of the masculine persuasion. Except maybe for the pink bathtub. But then, Elvis owned pink Cadillacs, didn’t he?

Elvis just fits. The coach will not be a shrine to the famous twentieth century entertainer. It’s only a name for my Airstream, but with a subtle nod to another great American icon saying, “Hey, I get it, I’m there with ‘ya.”

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