And So It Begins . . .

Last week I left Elvis in Virginia at Trailer Buff. Their restoration work on early vintage travel trailers is remarkable. Only quality leaves their shop. Martha and Dave Makel are the proprietors and two of the coolest people you could ever wish to meet. As my uncle used to say, “they know their business!” I am absolutely certain that Elvis will be well taken care of.

Since Elvis’ makeover is taking place nearly 500 miles from me, I’m not sure how blogging the restoration process is going to work. Or blogging in general for that matter. Blogging is a whole new territory for me. But there is a story unfolding here. All I know right now is the very beginning. Stay tuned if you want to see what happens next. As any vintage Airstream owner knows, these treasured coaches take on a life of their own and sometimes we alter our lives to accommodate them.

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